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Популярная публикация: бронза СТАТЬЯ Preparing ASP.NET Applications For Load Balancing

Web farms are used when a singe server can’t process all requests. In this case multiple servers are used for load balancing. How does it work? The concept behind Network Load Balancing is pretty simple: Each server in a Load Balancing Cluster is configured with a "virtual" IP address. This IP address is configured on all the servers that are participating in the load balancing "cluster" (a loose term that's unrelated to the Microsoft Cluster Service). Whenever a request is made on this virtual ...

СТАТЬЯ Видеокурс Programming Paradigms (Stanford)

27 лекций минут по 20 каждая ведут Джерри Кейн из Стэнфорда и Сашей Рашем (Facebook). Рассматриваются концепции и основы C, ассемблера, C++, Scheme, Python и Haskell. Lecture by Professor Jerry Cain for Programming Paradigms (CS107) in the Stanford University Computer Science department. Lecture 1 | Programming Paradigms (Stanford) Professor Cain provides an overview of the course. Programming Paradigms (CS107) introduces several programming languages, including C, Assembly, C++, Concurrent Prog...

Популярная публикация: серебро СТАТЬЯ Fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm v.0.3 for Multidimensional Data

Overview The new version is adapted to the multidimensional data clustering. It means that objects can have more than two characteristics. Lets look how existing code was changed to apply for the multidimensional data clustering. ClusterCentroid class was exluded This class was an exact copy of the ClusterPoint class so I exluded it from the solution to make code more clear. CusterPoint class changes The Coords property was added for storing any number of object properties:             public Li...


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