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НОВОСТЬ Новые курсы Pluralsight: ASP.NET Web API, Orchard

Стали доступными новые курсы компания Pluralsight. Бесплатный курс MVC with EF Code First, HTML5 and jQuery. Чтобы посмотреть курс, следуйте инструкциям, описанными в блоге Скота Гатри. Описания других курсов приведены ниже. Introduction to the ASP.NET Web API In the world of HTML5, mobile devices, and modern development techniques, HTTP has become the default option for building rich, scalable services. The ASP.NET Web API was designed from the ground up to meet the need of developers who want ...

СТАТЬЯ Бесплатная книга "First Look: Microsoft Office 2010"

Год выпуска: 2009Автор: Katherine MurrayИздательство: Microsoft PressКоличество страниц: 186 First Look: Microsoft Office 2010 covers changes in Office 2010 and shows you how you can make the most of the new features to fit the way you work today. If you have downloaded the Office 2010, here is the book from Microsoft that covers Office 2010 in detail. First Look: Microsoft Office 2010, by Katherine Murray, offers 14 chapters of early content, organized like so:Part I, “Envision the Possibilitie...

Популярная публикация: серебро СТАТЬЯ Self Organizing Map (SOM)

Self-Organizing Map Overview A self-organizing map (SOM) or self-organizing feature map (SOFM) is a type of artificial neural network that is trained using unsupervised learning to produce a low-dimensional (typically two dimensional), discretized representation of the input space of the training samples, called a map. Self-organizing maps are different than other artificial neural networks in the sense that they use a neighborhood function to preserve the topological properties of the input spa...


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