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Популярная публикация: бронза СТАТЬЯ Онлайн сервисы для компрессии CSS и JavaScript файлов

В небольшой заметке хочу поделиться ссылками на онлайн-сервисы для компрессии JavaScript и CSS файлов. Packer Сайт: http://dean.edwards.name/packer/ Начальный JavaScript: // is.js // (c) 2001 Douglas Crockford // 2001 June 3 // is // The -is- object is used to identify the browser. Every browser edition // identifies itself, but there is no standard way of doing it, and some of // the identification is deceptive. This is because the authors of web // browsers are liars. For example, Microsoft's ...

Популярная публикация: бронза СТАТЬЯ Preparing ASP.NET Applications For Load Balancing

Web farms are used when a singe server can’t process all requests. In this case multiple servers are used for load balancing. How does it work? The concept behind Network Load Balancing is pretty simple: Each server in a Load Balancing Cluster is configured with a "virtual" IP address. This IP address is configured on all the servers that are participating in the load balancing "cluster" (a loose term that's unrelated to the Microsoft Cluster Service). Whenever a request is made on this virtual ...


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