How to Become an Exceptional DBA, 2nd Edition

вторник, 2 февраля 2010, Александр Краковецкий

"This book is my attempt to provide a "career guide" for DBAs. It is intended both to help prospective DBAs find a "way in" to the profession, and to advise existing DBAs on how they can excel at their jobs, and so become Exceptional DBAs."

Brad McGehee, Author.

Table of Contents

Chapter 01: Why Should I Become an Exceptional DBA?

Chapter 02: Characteristics of the Exceptional DBA

Chapter 03: Specialize (You can't do it all)

Chapter 04: Hone Your Skill Set

Chapter 05: Is Professional Certification Necessary?

Chapter 06: Participate in the SQL Server Community

Chapter 07: Manage Your Career, Don't Let It Manage You

Chapter 08: Manage Your Brand Withing Your Organization

Chapter 09: Manage Your Online Brand

Chapter 10: Get an Exceptional DBA Job

Chapter 11: The Exceptional DBAs Code of Conduct

Chapter 12: Best Practices for Becomming an Exceptional DBA

Why read this book?

This book is not about the technical aspects of being an Exceptional DBA. There are already many good resources available on this topic. This book is a career guide that will show you, step-by-step, specifically what you can do to differentiate yourself from the crowd, so that you can be an Exceptional DBA. While I focus on how to become an Exceptional SQL Server DBA, the advice in this book applies to any DBA, no matter what database software they use.

Once you finish this book, you will have the background you need so that you too can become an Exceptional DBA. If you are considering becoming a DBA, or are a DBA and want to be more than an average DBA, this is the book to get you started.

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