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ВАКАНСИЯ Front-end Developer (Kiev)

Primary responsibilities: Take part in web applications design and UI elaboration Design, code, debug, document, and maintain web applications pieces Participate in project of user interactions Participate in testing and test automation Personal requirements: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science is a minimal requirement; other fields of study are acceptable when combined with strong background or work experience Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills Ability to express thoughts cle...

Популярная публикация: бронза ОФФТОП Бейджи в Visual Studio

А что, если бы в Visual Studio была поддержка бейджов, как в Xbox или PS3 играх? Вот как бы это выглядело (привожу в оригинале): Falling Down – Created a new SharePoint project Job Security – Written a LINQ query with over 30 lines of code The Sword Fighter – 5 Consecutive Solution Rebuilds with zero code changes Shotgun Debugging – 5 Consecutive Solution Rebuilds with a single character change The Mathematician – Defined 15 local variables with a single character name The Academic – Written 100...


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