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ВАКАНСИЯ Skelia: Senior and Middle .NET Developers

Skelia invites Senior and Middle .NET Developers (ref: TC-NET-DEV06-07-08) for long-term and full-time employment at its service center in Lviv, Ukraine. You will have the opportunity and challenge to be a part of the extension team of well-known international travel company. YOUR PROFILE Higher education in computer science/technical field From 3 years of professional experience High-level expertise with Microsoft technologies with .NET 2.0/3.5 Framework Experience in C#, .NET, ASP.NET, IIS, et...

СТАТЬЯ Видеообзоры более ста приложений и игр для Windows Phone 7. Часть 1

MicrosoftFeed подготовил более ста видеообзоров приложений и игр для Windows Phone 7. 1. Flixster 2. Travelocity 3. OpenTable 4. Twitter 5. Netflix 6. TWiT.tv 7. TweetZure 8. Tube Companion 9. My Car Buddy 10. London Travel 11. Mix App 12. Shazam 13. Defence of Lushington Springs 14. BART Train System 15. GameCardr 16. Panic Alert 17. FrogAttack 18. Grand Piano 19. Towers of Hanoi 20. AP Mobile 21. Zombies Night Out 22. Harvest Gameplay 23. DroppyPop 24. Flickr Uploader 25. SimplyCube 26. Zombie...


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