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ВАКАНСИЯ Senior Java Engineer

Aricent Ukraine announces hiring campaign for NICE Systems department 5000 UAH as joining bonus for all new-hired software engineers before Feb 15 We are looking for the J2EE Engineer. Description of Function and Responsibilities: Enhance and maintain Business Transformations, a core component of the Performance Manager application. Business Transformations builds the backbone of our Performance Management application and is implemented within a J2EE framework utilizing Spring and Hibernate. Bas...

СТАТЬЯ Why Mocha? Really, Why?

Два дня назад наш сайт отрубили. По ссылке видили Web Server Default Page с описанием продуктов Parallels. Началось все с письма такого содержания: Dear Client, Your hosting account has been investigated by our administrators due to excessive load/high resource utilization which includes high CPU utilization and memory consumption. We have determined that based on the excessive resource utilization your account is not a good fit for our shared hosting environment. The pages in questions are: msu...


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